We are a production company based in Honolulu, Hawaii providing complete services
from product design, production, inventory control, and trading for distribution.

Food Packaging

With great care given to choice of materials and design, we bring life to our customers’ products with original ideas while meeting budget requirements.


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Custom Products

We develop strategies for production as well as creating and managing products such as promotional items, print materials, signs, and more.

プロモーション・グッズ、印刷物、 サインなど様々な商品を 企画、

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We are a global company with strong ties to companies in Hawaii, China, Japan and mainland USA.

ハワイ・中国・日本・アメリカ 本土に強いネットワークを持っ ています。

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Mace International

707 Waiakamilo Rd, Honolulu, HI 96817 U.S.A.